Protect critical personal data of citizens: draft Bill

July 28, 2018

The draft personal data protection Bill 2018, submitted by the Justice B.N. Srikrishna-headed expert panel on Friday, has proposed that critical personal data of Indian citizens be processed in centres located within the country.The draft law, which comes after a year-long consultation process, however, has left it to the Central government to ...

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Cloud Backup, File Sharing, And Storage

July 17, 2018

 Cloud backup entails making use of a remote cloud-based server to backup data. Cloud backup or online backup is the process of backing up data by sending the data to an off-site server over a public network. Backing up file via cloud attracts some charges depending on the size or capacity of the data, this is because the cloud backup data is ...

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Online Backup, Cloud Storage, And Best Cloud Storage For Small Business

July 11, 2018

Online data backup also known as remote data backup is a method of backing up data on a remote server or over a network hosted by a service provider. Online backup means  backing up data from your hard disk to a remote server using a network connection. Online backup is also some kind of cloud this days, it means backing up your files to a ...

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Web File Storage And Cloud File Storage For Business

July 5, 2018

Web file storage is the online means of storing data and files. It is something a lot of thriving businesses think about but many are not ready to utilize this great advantage. This practice is very good for any business with a vision of making it in the market and singling-out among its competitors. Every business needs a reliable means of ...

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File Sharing Websites And Sharing Files Online For Free

July 1, 2018

Sharing or transferring files especially those ones that are too big is one of the major problems which companies or business face. Most files cannot be uploaded to the email due to the size of the file, this is because the email has a limited upload capacity. This can be a great challenge for companies that wish to share files with large size. In ...

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