What is cloud backup?

Cloud Backup is a service that allows you, to create and set up automated backups.

Cloud Backup is the ideal solution, for the safe management and maintenance of your backups.

But why was the cloud born?

Today, thanks to the spread of devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, we are able to access the Internet from virtually anywhere, with all the pros and cons that this may entail.

Sometimes, however, it can happen to create a file on your home computer, but the next day, going to work, you might forget to bring that file with you.

Other times, on the other hand, it could happen that you find yourself with multiple copies of the same file and unfortunately don't know what file you really needed.

In the worst case scenario, you could lose your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer containing all your files, or worse, it could even happen that your favorite device suddenly stops working but having the backup you can revisit the files and then access your information.

The cloud storage mechanism, allows you to archive the files you want and then you can share them with whoever you prefer.

How can you get cloud storage? It's free?

If by chance you have a Google and / or Microsoft email address, you already have your personal cloud storage available, so you can simply start using it by uploading your files.

If you do not have one of these email addresses, or simply do not want to use the cloud storage that is offered free of charge by Google and / or Microsoft, you can easily take advantage of one or more of the many free services provided.

Here, therefore, is a short list of the best free cloud storage services in which, by the way, I have indicated the basic space available.

Let's take some examples:

Dropbox (2 GB);

Amazon Cloud Drive (5 GB);

iCloud (5 GB, for those who use iPhone, iPad and in general all Apple devices);

Mega (50 GB);

Degoo (100 GB)


But what are the 3 Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business?

Did you know that 60% of companies that lose data will close after 6 months? A really scary fact, yet it happens just like that.

For small businesses, the cloud is an increasingly used backup solution, thanks to its reduced costs.

The rest, once you have stored the data on the cloud, access it whenever you want and in the event that a file is sent by mistake removed, eventually restoring it at any time.

So you might feel safe knowing that your folders and files are synchronized with Google Drive or Dropbox, but you should know that they are not cloud backup services, but they are services for sharing files and designing online, so they don't protect your files automatically. You must therefore equip yourself with a service that provides secure backup functionality.

This is why, we want to talk to you, about 3 possible backup solutions for small businesses.


BackBlaze is a great service, it also offers unlimited storage space and is really easy to use.

It will scan your hard drive for each file that needs backup. It offers a continuous backup action even if you have to program it, and you can also exclude folders that don't interest you.

However, it offers a data retention period of only 30 days and we can therefore say that for some companies it may be perfect but for other small businesses it may be insufficient.

The only flaw that takes away from this otherwise great backup service is its halfway implementation of private encryption.



Acronis is an excellent backup system but does not offer unlimited storage space, the one available is 5 Tb and is priced higher than other systems.

However, it offers interesting options for adding folders and files to the backup plan or even backing up all files.

Its features are really simple, but you have to pay close attention to the storage limit to avoid losing files.

It offers a continuous backup feature and an end-to-end encryption that is a great security feature for those with sensitive data. Furthermore it is possible to keep your data for 6 months.

It has a number of uncommon features like blockchain controls and ransomware monitoring. The storage limit and the high price are the only drawbacks


A truly innovative backup system, the best in the field. The best you can find because it really offers you many services and direct assistance in case you need it.

The services offered are:

    - Backup and Restore

     - Control access with passwords, expiry dates, upload capability, email notifications and more

- Administrator account with tools to easily add and remove user accounts for each employee on your team

- Move directly from servers and desktop computers to your own cloud storage, fully-encrypted at the source

- Automation and Sync

- Block-level volume snapshots are taken and sent directly to the cloud

- Sync and access your files from all of your computers and devices

- Windows and Mac integration allows you to use the productivity desktop application


The price starts at INR 1499, for Cloud Starter and check other cloud server prices here - Cloud Backup Prices. Best for small companies and professionals choice.



The choice of the backup system, the basic notions we have provided, are only the beginning of your journey to secure and safeguard your data.

It is a long journey that will protect you and your small business.


Thursday, August 8, 2019

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